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MOScholars Program
New Scholarship Opportunity

Starting on July 1, MOScholars (Missouri Empowerment Scholarship Accounts Program) will provide financial assistance to families sending their children to Catholic schools. This offers an excellent benefit for Borromeo Academy and other school families in the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph.


This law provides state tax credits for contributions to approved, non-profit Educational Assistance Organizations (EAOs). These EAOs use the contributions to award scholarships to Missouri students with Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and students living in low-income households. The Diocese Bright Futures Fund has been selected as a certified EAO for this program. Donors will be able to receive special tax credits for their donations and families will be able to apply for scholarships to attend our Catholic Schools in the Diocese.


Learn more about who qualifies for the program and how to apply at www.brighfuturesfund.org/moscholars.

Garage Sale Is June 14-18
Garage Sale Picnic Is June 14

The “REALLY BIG” Saint Charles annual Garage Sale is June 14 to 18. Proceeds benefit Borromeo Academy.
Join us at the Garage Sale Picnic (June 14) in the front parking lot. There will be FREE hot dogs, chips, drinks, and ice cream from 4-5:30 pm! There will also be Black Tuesday Garage Sale Shopping from 5-8 pm.


The 2022 Garage Sale continues on June 15, 16, and 17 (8 am-6 pm) and on June 18 (8 am-2 pm). Special deal: Fill a bag for just $2.00 on Saturday!


Donation drop-off is being accepted through June 14.
View the details here.

Saint Charles Borromeo Annual Garage Sale Photo

COVID-19 Protocols Update

Mask wearing at Borromeo is not required and is optional at this time. We will evaluate the data each week and notify you of any needed change. Please help us by monitoring your scholar’s health each day.

If they are not feeling well, let us know. If your scholar has COVID-19 symptoms, please get them tested. Our goal is to keep the academy open every day. The way we can do that is to make sure those who are here are healthy and feel 100%

Our families love us

Dodie Photo

We love St. Charles School because not only are the children taught the faith of the church, but ALSO that faith and love is modeled by the teachers, faculty and staff, by their actions to the student body and community.
Dodie (Kansas City, MO)

Lisa Photo

Faith education and inspiring teachers and pastor. We love the school as well as the church community
Annie (Kansas City, MO)

Rebecca Photo

We love St. Charles. I attended this school and am so blessed to share it now with my boys. When we moved back into the area, the teachers and staff welcomed us with open arms.
-Rebecca (Gladstone, MO)

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Borromeo Academy Catholic School is a loving and caring co-education community that provides an extraordinary Early Childhood and K-8 education experience at a great value.

You will always feel welcome! See how you fit in our family by taking a tour, visiting for a shadow day, or attending an open house.

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