Teaching To The Whole Person

Borromeo Academy curriculum educates the whole person: faith, family,
community, and morality. Our teachers provide loving and faith-filled environments
that inspire minds and enlighten lives.

Borromeo teachers understand that God's gift of knowledge and understanding is for everyone and that nearly every child can learn and achieve much more than they have ever imagined.

Education at Borromeo results in academic success. Students are held to high expectations from day one. The life lessons of respect, morality, and self-discipline are the foundation for our students character, growth, and achievement.

Religion Curriculum and Character Education

The teachings of our Catholic faith is not only a subject of academic study in each grade but is woven through all of what we do, providing unity and cohesiveness to the curriculum. Students receive a rich education in the Catholic faith through the use of the Faith & Life Series. Students also learn of the gift of the Scriptures through select memorization of psalms and verses. They explore the treasures of Christian culture, art, architecture, music, and literature.

The Faith and Life series brings students to the person of Jesus Christ and then immerses them into the mystery of Christ.  Fostering dispositions in which students desire communion with God through Jesus in the Holy Spirit, a communion in truth, charity, and mercy.  As students are immersed in the mystery of Christ they are transformed by Divine truth, living out the Gospel message and giving glory to God in all that they do.

Our virtue-based character program teaches students universally valued virtues such as honesty, integrity, perseverance, respect for self and others, self-control, and patience (specifically highlighting the Cardinal virtues of prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance).   We intentionally integrate this formation in the virtues into the culture of the school as well through our study of character development and heroism in literature and history.  

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The Story of the World: History for the Classical Child, an award-winning series of books (Grades 1- 4) serves as the “spine” of the history and geography curricula in the early years and is supplemented by great literature, biography, and poetry of the time and place. Important national holidays and key American figures are studied with an emphasis on Western civilization.

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Language Arts

We want our students to read insightfully, write beautifully, speak articulately, and think critically. This means they must be taught how language works, which includes a deep grasp of phonics in reading and spelling, word usage, and syntax through the study of English grammar (and Latin beginning in 3rd Grade), and composition and expression.

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The mathematics curriculum seeks to promote the understanding of order and harmony in the universe. Borromeo Academy uses Progress in Mathematics by Sadlier. This program provides rigorous content that is focused on building a deep conceptual understanding of key math skills and concepts at each grade level.


Through both simple and more complex experimentation, the study of science should teach children to observe their surroundings carefully and help them to understand the world around them. With reading and discussion, writing to document hypotheses and observations, and hands-on activities and experimentation, children will begin to hone their natural ability to investigate and learn.


Students are introduced to a robust Latin program beginning in Kindergarten. From this year on, students memorize Latin prayers and phrases and are exposed to a range of Latin texts. In Third Grade, students begin to receive more formal instruction in the language with Latin grammar and vocabulary. The upper-level grades learn to conjugate verbs in their various tenses, decline Latin nouns, recite prayers in Latin, and more.


All students at St Charles Borromeo Academy are introduced to the art of public speaking. In kindergarten through sixth grade, Oratory takes place within the context of other subjects such as Literature, Grammar, History, Religion, etc. In the seventh and eighth grades, students receive formal instruction within the context of an Oratory/Logic class.

Art and
Art History

The study of art encourages both hands-on participation as well as an introduction to the great masters and works of art. This study of art naturally complements the study of history in our integrated curriculum. The great masters and their works will be studied in depth through the selection of a particular artist each month that all students will focus on both in Art classes and individual grade-level classrooms.

Music and
Music History

Our music curriculum begins with our students being introduced to Gregorian chant and sacred music. Students become familiar with the “music of the masters,” music theory, and music class as well as a feature “Composer of the Month,” experience the joy and beauty of music appreciation.

and Celebrations

Potential school year projects and celebrations may include Pilgrim Day, Greek/Roman Day, Medieval Festival, Colonial Days, Civil War Reenactment, Shakespeare Play, Christmas Carol Feast, Veterans Celebration, Monastery Day, Saint Celebration, Immigration Day, and more.

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