Borromeo Academy Latin Curriculum

St Charles Borromeo Academy students are introduced to a robust Latin program beginning in Kindergarten. From this year on, students memorize Latin prayers and phrases such as the Salve Regina and are exposed to a range of Latin texts. In the Third Grade, students begin to receive more formal instruction in the language with Latin grammar and vocabulary.

The upper-level grades, from third grade through eighth grade, learn to conjugate verbs in their various tenses, decline Latin nouns, recite prayers in Latin, and more. Instruction in the Latin language provides the gateway to a more comprehensive understanding of the English language and grammar, a foundation for expanding vocabulary through etymology, and greater accessibility to other languages and cultures.

Grade K-2:    Sing Song Latin (Classical Academic Press)

Grade 3:       Prima Latina (Memoria Press)

Grade 4:       Latina Christiana (Memoria Press)

Grade 5:       First Form Latin (Memoria Press)

Grade 6:       Second Form Latin (Memoria Press)

Grade 7:       Third Form Latin (Memoria Press)

Grade 8:       Fourth Form Latin (Memoria Press)

      *Year 1 - 3rd grade Prima Latina

                       4th Grade and up Latina Christiana

     *Year 2 – 3rd Grade Prima Latina

                      4th Grade Latina Christiana

                      5th Grade and up First Form Latin

    *Year 3 – 3rd Grade Prima Latina

                     4th Grade Latina Christiana

                     5th Grade First Form Latin

                     6th Grade and up Second Form Latin