Borromeo Academy Oratory Curriculum

All students at St Charles Borromeo Academy are introduced to the art of public speaking. In kindergarten through sixth grade, Oratory takes place within the context of other subjects such as Literature, Grammar, History, Religion, etc. In the seventh and eighth grades, students receive formal instruction within the context of an Oratory/Logic class.

Recitation (K-8):

This age loves to memorize using songs, chants, rhythm, or rhyme. We use this to teach students all sorts of factual material including oceans and continents, major pharaohs of Egypt, taxonomy classification (biology), Greek and Roman history, the Battle of Marathon, multiplication tables, the Periodic Table of the Elements, countries of the world, selected Shakespeare, the parts of speech, prime numbers to 100, numerous Bible passages, and a history timeline, to name a few.

“The Art of Argument” (7th & 8th Grade):